With over 300 travel agents scattered around the United States of America – we have the travel specialist for you. Each and every one of our travel experts specialize in various types of travel. Connect with a travel agent that is right for you by browsing through a few of our Virtuoso travel specialists.


John Glowicki

John Glowicki is a travel agent best known for his expertise in cruising and river cruising. He is an avid traveler himself and stays in touch with the products and services offered on all cruise lines.

Jane Scarcello

Jane Scarcello is a renowned travel agent known for developing and creating fantastic travel experiences for her diverse clientele.

Helen Reid

Helen is very experienced as a travel advisor in a variety of global destinations. She has traveled the world extensively giving her great insight on all aspects of travel, both for the luxury or budget oriented client.

Sharon Organista

Sharon would be delighted to assist with honeymoon, family vacations, cruises, tours and specialty travel in any destination throughout the world.

Claudia Kapp

Claudia looks forward to hearing more about your dream destinations and would love to craft a Luxury Cruise for you. It is the BEST way to travel today!


Kasra Esteghamat

Life should be full of ‘once in a lifetime experiences'. Life is about adventures, relaxing getaways and sharing these experiences with the people you love.

John Oberacker

Eden exists wherever you are… if you just have the right expert to help you find it. John Oberacker caters to those looking for unique experiences. His goal is to present the world to his clients in new, exciting and imaginative ways.

Jim Welch

Based in the ‘Heart of America,’ Chicago, Jim is well placed to send his clients anywhere in the world. He is an avid traveler himself, having been to over 33 countries and constantly increasing his exposure in order to provide his clients with the latest destination expertise.

Julie Welch

Whether you are seeking a quick weekend getaway or an extended exotic journey, Julie is ready to plan your dream vacation. From romantic destination weddings in the Caribbean and exotic honeymoons in Tahiti, to memorable multi-generational European experiences and adventurous African excursions, she is ready to plan your dream vacation.

Jill Robbins

Jill is an expert in Hawaii. She has lived there, vacationed there and even when she is not there she is dreaming about Hawaii. Don't get us wrong - she has connections all over the world but if you are thinking Hawaii - think Jill Robbins.

Margaret Owen

Currently, Margaret specializes in cruises, especially river cruises and also escorted tours. She has been in the travel business since 1990 and has extensive knowledge on most cruise products.

Carol Gregory

With over 30 years of experience in the business and veritable atlas of destinations under her belt, Carol Gregory would love to help you plan your next special vacation.

Clare Isquith

Clare Isquith provides a high level of service to her clients, based on extensive travel experience and knowledge of numerous worldwide destinations.

Cynthia Moxness

Cynthia Moxness has had many years of experience in the industry and brings a wealth of international travel knowledge to the journeys she plans, whether they be Independent, escorted, simple or complex,

David Rubin

He treats his clients trip as if the trip were his own, working to obtain for them the best value while at the same time helping them identify what is needed to make their trip experience the best it can be.

Isabelle Toulouse

Isabelle has always loved to travel and having lived on 3 continents too she is ready to help you plan your next adventure & fulfill your travel dreams

Hope Smith

Hope has visited more then 100 countries and is qualified to design trips for travelers of all ages & budgets particularly for those who enjoy adventure and learning

Judi Walker

Judi Walker provides nothing but the best, personalized service at every step of your journey, from concept to “bon voyage.”

Rob Matuszewski

Rob Matuszewski is very well travelled and appreciates the finer things in life, and he wants to share this passion for Travel with you!

KC Hoppe

KC Hoppe has traveled around the world scouting out the best hotels, adventures and experiences so that she takes the guess work and endless internet searching out of your travel planning and brings to you a vast array of travel options

Chris Merkel

Chris Merkel is a specialist on all major cruise lines. With over 10 years of experience she has managed to sail with many of the top luxury cruise ships and familiarize herself with every corner of the various ocean liners.

Linda Kavanagh

Linda Kavanagh takes immense pride in her research and attention to her clients requests to make their trip a lifetime experience handling all details to make the trip seamless and worry free

Linda Van Buren

Linda Van Buren has been planning travel for the past 45 years and everyday she considers it a privilege to help clients plan their dream vacations

Liz Georjon

Based in Manhattan, Liz Georjon provides an integral travel solution for financial firms, catering to the particularly demanding requirements of the executive traveler

Louise West

Louise has 20 years experience working with travelers specializing in cruises, adventure travel, all -inclusive resorts, and worry-free travel; she also brings a wealth of knowledge in planning group travel experiences.

Sandy Thomas

Travel opens our eyes to possibilities; it expands our world and feeds our souls is a belief Sandy Thomas lives by.

Margie Boutté

Margie is committed to offering travel services of the highest quality, designing luxury travel experiences with a personal touch.

Mary Emrich

Mary specializes in luxury cruises and adventure travel. “It’s all about taking good care of my clients, paving the way for a well-planned, comfortable trip. I appreciate the importance of attention to detail. When a trip is well organized, it allows people more freedom to relax and be open to new experiences on their travels.”

Mishelle Ying

Mishelle finds the most rewarding trips to plan, focus on cultural immersion, culinary travel, and out of the ordinary experiences such as exploring the Vatican's catacombs with a history professor or meeting the giant tortoises in the Galapagos island.

Stephanie Cox

Stephanie creates the ultimate travel experiences for her clients through detailed, personalized and sophisticated travel planning

Susan Boehnstedt

Susan strives to provide above and beyond customer service to ensure each trip is YOUR style of vacation! She looks forward to making your travel dreams come true.

David Petray

David Petray focuses on adventure trips and tropical water destinations. David has traveled to over 56 countries and knows how to make the magic happen.

Deb Velli

Deb has been a travel adviser for 35+ years and is a Destination Specialist for Italy, Scotland, Costa Rica, Belize as well as an Un-Cruise Adventurist and a Sandals and Beaches Specialist . Skiing, hiking and diving are a few of her other passions

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor focuses on custom itineraries and educational immersion. Sarah has lived in Brazil and is fluent in Portuguese.

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