It is human nature to DISCOVER new places, people, food, culture and most importantly ourselves. The world is waiting for YOU. Take a look at some of our most recent discovery insight reports by our very own travel advisors. They have hands on experience and can you provide you that insider knowledge you need when planning your next travel adventure.

Buzios, Brazil

Casual and slow paced. A Brazilian beach hideaway lures those from Rio de Janiero so the nightlife can pick up on the weekends. With bleak cacti and jagged hills, uniquely intertwine with beach-side beauty of rare charm.

Journey to Antarctica

A great soft adventure experience. The luxurious accommodations and great service make this an exploration for the less hardy!! Amazing to see so much wildlife upclose and personal and to explore the wonders of this continent on a zodiac with your own guide

London – England

A bustling, cosmopolitan city London has something for everyone. Even relaxation and peace are possible in the numerous parks and gardens. London has a super public transportation system plus the world famous taxis so it is easy to take in many sights in a day!

Lanai – Hawaii

2 Five Star Hotels to spend time in. Experience the unruffled charm of Lanai City. Discover pristine beaches, unexpected treasures and natural wonders at your own pace on laid-back Lanai.

Canadian Rockies – Alberta

Did you know that Jasper National Park is listed as one of only 15 UNESCO extraordinary sites in Canada with its shimmering glaciers, abundant wildlife, crystal clear lakes, thundering waterfalls, deep canyons and evergreen forest.

Venice – Italy

There are many famous sights and you can spend your days wandering the narrow walkways of Venice, stop for a coffee, a gelato or lunch, all the while soaking up the amazing ambience and architecture that surround you.

Royal Davui Island Resort – Fiji

Indulge in a romantic champagne breakfast on a deserted sandbar, a Pure Fiji spa treatment, or in the simple pleasure of doing nothing. For the active guest, the waters near the resort offer deep sea fishing and some of the Pacific’s most spectacular dive sites.

Paris – France

There is nothing like walking the streets of Paris and absorbing all that is Parisian. Museums, churches, stately buildings, gardens, eating, taking in a concert or a ballet, window shopping plus hopping on and off the metro can all combine to create a perfect vacation.

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires Argentina

At this Four Seasons hotel you can be assured of receiving great attention. Whether it is the concierge organizing your days to explore this amazing city or being pampered in the exclusive spa, where by the way you can even receive a therapeutic massage, choreographed to the beat of tango music.

Dunedin to Te Anau – South Island – New Zealand

Visit the Royal Albatross Centre on the Otago Peninsula or check out the Little Blue Penguins and Yellow Eyed Penguins at Penguin Place. Stay the night on a farm or enjoy a few nights on Stewart Island and see wild Kiwi Birds in action on the beach.

Quiet Corners of England and Wales

The Spring and the Fall are delightful times to visit this part of the world with less tourists than in July and August. However don’t forget about Winter; Christmas in a country hotel is very special.

Road To Mandalay Myanmar

Highlights are undoubtedly Bagan, Mandalay (and environs) and Mingun. There are few wonderful options for river cruising and more are coming soon. But, we would definitely suggest experiencing it with Belmond aboard the Road to Mandalay.

Wonders of the Adriatic & the Black Sea

This itinerary has so many highlights. Athens in itself is quite spectacular as is Istanbul of course. Ephesus never ceases to amaze with its towering ruins and all the ports on the Black Sea have so much history and countless fascinating stories to tell.

Dubai & Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

There are 9 Virtuoso properties in Dubai and 5 in Abu Dhabi, all of which offer us some special inclusions such as upgrades, breakfast, a dinner, room credit, a spa treatment, early/late check out etc. and more.

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John Oberacker

Eden exists wherever you are… if you just have the right expert to help you find it. John Oberacker caters to those looking for unique experiences. His goal is to present the world to his clients in new, exciting and imaginative ways.

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“I’ve seen this too many times – a client of mine has a valid passport but it is only valid for the duration of their trip. You must make sure that when you travel abroad that your that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your travel is completed.”

Helen Reid

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Imagine islands sprinkled over the pristine, azure blue water where glorious white sandy beaches contrast with lush emerald slopes. A perfect destination for beach and ocean activities provides visitors with an authentic taste of coastal culture. The iconic destinations of Bora Bora, the Caribbean islands or the French Riviera are celebrated for their beaches, culture and beautiful climates. The cuisines of these coastal spots are dominated by fresh seafood, but cultural influences vary, so basking on the beach can be punctuated by various culinary delights.



Adventure travel is a fast growing trend in travel because people are eager to experience things off the beaten trail, in more exotic or even hostile regions. Typically adventure travel involves physical activity, a cultural exchange or an engagement with nature. When it comes to natural wonders, New Zealand has it all however there are many other destinations worldwide that can offer authentic adventurous experiences such as Costa Rica, South Africa, United States of America and many areas in Europe. Whether you need to have your adrenaline pumping or you prefer to see it from your train window - there is a destination beckoning your adventurous soul.

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