Every travel advisor in our network has a set of skills that are unmatched. Our travel advisors are able to book travel from here to Zanzibar… They have relationships with those who matter giving them the connections they need to make your next trip the most memorable ever. Utilize our travel insight and expertise to find out how you can maximize your next vacation.



Imagine islands sprinkled over the pristine, azure blue water where glorious white sandy beaches contrast with lush emerald slopes. A perfect destination for beach and ocean activities provides visitors with an authentic taste of coastal culture. The iconic destinations of Bora Bora, the Caribbean islands or the French Riviera are celebrated for their beaches, culture and beautiful climates. The cuisines of these coastal spots are dominated by fresh seafood, but cultural influences vary, so basking on the beach can be punctuated by various culinary delights.



Adventure travel is a fast growing trend in travel because people are eager to experience things off the beaten trail, in more exotic or even hostile regions. Typically adventure travel involves physical activity, a cultural exchange or an engagement with nature. When it comes to natural wonders, New Zealand has it all however there are many other destinations worldwide that can offer authentic adventurous experiences such as Costa Rica, South Africa, United States of America and many areas in Europe. Whether you need to have your adrenaline pumping or you prefer to see it from your train window - there is a destination beckoning your adventurous soul.


Sailing the blue tranquil oceans aboard a modern vessel filled with world class entertainment, gourmet cuisine and 5 star services can be both affordable and luxurious. Cruising can offer something for the whole family and the ports of call are global. Today's cruises offer niche sailings, novel on-board attractions and immersive shore excursions. If you are looking for expedition style ships that sail with luxury in mind - they exist. There is a cruise ship for you - let us help you find it. Are you ready to set sail?


Enjoying a culture's cuisine can be one of the most rewarding aspects of traveling the world. Taking in the local customs, tastes and delicacies can be hand crafted by one of our specialists. Enjoy a cooking class, private wine tasting at a prestigious wine estate or cellar, meals featuring local food specialties, market visits, and much more. Imagine a personalized private touring with expert guides and drivers complimented by preferred rooms at the very best hotels. You will have access to the true local delicacies without the headaches of finding them yourself. Speak with one of our food & wine enthusiasts who can help handcraft your next journey.


With the help of our global relationships, we can help set you up with tee-times, lodging and more at some of the worlds most prestigious golf courses. We can create V.I.P. experiences in places all golfers dream about. Whether you play one or two rounds a year or one or two rounds a week - our ability to create the ideal luxury golf tour for you or your group is unmatched. Playing those iconic golf courses in Scotland and Ireland is on all serious golfers bucket lists but what about a breathtaking golfing experience on the coast of New Zealand? Allow us to help you set up your next dream round.


Travel in ultimate luxury by private jet. Access to over 6,000 aircraft worldwide. Available aircraft categories: Helicopters, Propeller Aircraft, Light Jets, Mid Size Jets, Super Mid Size Jets, Heavy Jets, VIP Airliners, Commercial Airliners and Air Ambulances. A private aircraft can get you closer and faster to your destination in a shorter time. Waiting over an hour to catch a plane, then commuting for another hour to reach your final destination is something of the past. By chartering an aircraft, executives can take full advantage of their time and become more productive.


One of the most celebratory vacations of one's life can be a honeymoon. Allow this moment to be carefully crafted by an advisor who knows how to make this moment uniquely special. Looking to tie the knot in a new and exciting locale? Turn your wedding day into a "mini-vacation" for you and your guests. Consider a destination wedding where you can combine a luxurious honeymoon with a traditional ceremony anywhere in the world.


Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom, mingling with the wildlife in their native habitat and visiting tribal cultures will leave you with unforgettable memories. Not only is Africa is calling your name but also all of the other destinations worldwide that boast their own wildlife. From the forests of Costa Rica, the frozen wastes of Antarctica, the remote Galapagos Islands to the mountains of India - if your dream itinerary includes animals we'll help you find them.


Glistening waters, lavish spa treatments, delicious, healthy cuisine and lush gardens all make for the perfect getaway. Your life can be hectic and very stressful - spa & wellness retreats can help soothe your mind, body and soul. Retreats can range from the complete sanctuary like The Ranch at Live Oak to the ultimate spa treatment at one of the finest hotels in the world. We can help you find that outlandish spa treatment to revitalize your spirit in a world where time stands never stands still.



Destinations and cultures ca be labeled as cheerful, friendly, spontaneous but the ones we remember and adore the most are those that are romantic. Whether it be scenery that screams romance like the Islands of Tahiti or those stamped with the name of love like Paris - you can find romance both near and far. The very word "Paris" suggests love and exquisiteness. The thought of an over-water bungalow with your own private plunge pool screams intimacy. There are endless opportunities to find that perfect spot to grow closer with your loved one.

Buzios, Brazil

Casual and slow paced. A Brazilian beach hideaway lures those from Rio de Janiero so the nightlife can pick up on the weekends. With bleak cacti and jagged hills, uniquely intertwine with beach-side beauty of rare charm.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando

The Four Seasons Orlando delivered on every level imaginable - from modern conveniences to fantastic dining options for the entire family. This is a place people will be coming back with grand children for the years to come.

Capella Spa & Hotel Singapore

Enjoy the best of exciting Singapore and also the peaceful beauty of this Sentosa Island resort especially the magnificent sunset views from the three cascading pools and the superb Auriga Spa.

Rosewood London

We came, we walked, we shopped, we ate, we museum-ed, we pub-ed, we stayed in luxury, but, we’ll never be royals. London is full of life. There is so much to see and do in the city, that you’ll feel like you can never do it all. Like any big European city it has museums, cultural sites and arts, shopping, dining and local attractions that can keep you going nonstop.

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

raveling with a family of 22 isn’t always easy especially when the the ages range from 2 to 65. That being said – the Oasis of the Seas went above and beyond our expectations. It never felt crowded, there were no lines and the quality of service was never compromised. It really is a great venue for a family event such as this.


Here are five distinct benefits of working with a travel advisor:

1. Personalized planning: Whether you’re the do-it-yourself type or are looking for someone to completely take the reins, when you collaborate with a travel advisor, your trips will be tailored to your needs, interests, and budget.

2. Global expertise and connections: Not only do Virtuoso travel advisors have extensive personal knowledge of destinations around the world, they have relationships with people in those areas who can arrange experiences that make a trip truly extraordinary.

3. Value for the money: A Virtuoso advisor has access to the same (and often better) pricing than you can find online, and can secure special perks like free room upgrades, daily breakfast, and other benefits you can’t get on your own.

4. VIP treatment: A Virtuoso travel advisor can get you exclusive access to events, private tours, and other extras.

5. Peace of mind: In addition to saving you time and money, your advisor is available 24/7 before, during, and after your trip – so you can relax and have fun.


John Oberacker

Eden exists wherever you are… if you just have the right expert to help you find it. John Oberacker caters to those looking for unique experiences. His goal is to present the world to his clients in new, exciting and imaginative ways.

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