The founders, Phil & Louise Emrich, began Your Travel Center to serve the residents of Santa Barbara, California. From 1990-current Your Travel Center grew to 16 offices stretching from Pismo Beach, California to Tempe, Arizona. As well as expanding our territory with our offices, Your Travel Center, starting in 1992, began hosting Independent Contractors and smaller agencies. This provided us the ability to deliver our support to help home based agents and smaller offices elsewhere provide their services. Today, Your Travel Center still serves several Southern California communities and parts of Arizona; however only 6 offices remain. During this period we increased our sales from 15 Million to 120 Million which is a testimony to our ability to adapt to the ever changing travel industry.


Due to advancements in technology and industry trends we continue to explore the growth that comes with hosting independent contractors and smaller agencies. Our reputation within the industry and, most importantly, with our clients is what sets us apart from others. “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”, as our President Colin Weatherhead would say, is the Your Travel Center way of life.


During our expansion we acquired an agency in Montecito, California known as Elmes Travel. Elmes Travel transitioned into becoming what we know now as Montecito Village Travel. This acquisition was crucial to our growth due to the fact that it was a Virtuoso Member. Montecito Village Travel became primarily our leisure travel branch. Having multiple affiliations not only provides our clients with more options but it also allows our travel advisors – especially our independent contractors the ability to better serve their travelers.


Our transition to becoming one of the premier host travel agencies has proven to be extremely successful and today we have over 300 Independent Contractors working from home offices around the country. With a very strong management team that is dedicated to the long term success for Your Travel Center, it is easy to see why we have excelled during the economic ups and downs.


We take pride in the fact that our bank balances are extremely strong and that our operations are reliable. This is turn provides our Independent Contractors, Employees and Clients the security necessary to work with us.


Our multiple affiliations will provide the most robust services you can find via any travel agency or online travel website. We have access to exclusive hotel programs, priority seats on multiple airline carriers and a variety of value added offerings on cruise lines. We keep our clients and advisors in mind with our decisions regarding our relationships – this is key in this industry.

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Business intellect and policy implementation are the two principal mechanisms to monitoring your organization's travel spend. At Montecito Village Travel, we syndicate the finest tools with the proficiency and analysis delivered by your account specialist.

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Looking for help with your next corporate retreat, annual business conference, incentive business travel or just a small group getaway? We have specialized in corporate travel for 40 + years so we have the knowledge and expertise to alleviate those headaches.

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We understand companies' cultures and goals differ. That's why we provide you with a wide array of service options to meet a broad spectrum of your company's travelers' needs. Whether it is calling one of our certified Business Travel Specialists or using a customized online booking tool, we work with you to find the right fit for your company.

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Have an urgent visa application with tight deadline? Have an experienced visa specialist review and verify that your application is accurate and complete or if corrections are needed. Too busy to manage your visa or passport request? Our concierge Service provides our highest level of hands-on, customized service.

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Voyager Club is available only to those who book their cruise travel through a Virtuoso-affiliated travel agency. The program offers complimentary benefits on the world's finest cruise ships across hundreds of annual departures. Since 1990, roughly 400,000 cruisers have participated; in 2015, there will be over 300 shore excursions in 120 ports of call and 68 countries.

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